Youthpass Guide

The Youthpass Guide provides background and support material to implement Youthpass in your projects.

In terms of references to the EU youth programme, the current Youthpass Guide still refers to Youth in Action, the previous programme (2007-2013). We are in the process of updating the guide and will make it available on the same address upon its completion.

The Youthpass Guide helps you

  • understand the background to the development of Youthpass
  • think about learning and help others to check their learning
  • use Youthpass for different activities
  • connect to and use the technical tools available on the internet to produce Youthpass certificates
  • orientate yourself towards finding out more about background topics such as the political context and earning in theory and practice.

Feel free to download the complete Youthpass Guide or individual chapters and start reading the part you are most interested in:

Part A outlines background information on Youthpass and the main ideas and concepts of non-formal learning.

The following chapters can be downloaded individually:

A1 - What is Youthpass? (61,70 kB, pdf)

A2 - Getting interested in non-formal education and learning (108,41 kB, pdf)

A3 - Recognition of non-formal learning in the youth field (99,10 kB, pdf)

A4 - You hold the keys to Lifelong Learning (103,74 kB, pdf)

A5 - Youthpass - more than a certificate of participation (115,22 kB, pdf)


Part B is the more practically oriented section describing how you can work with Youthpass in your projects. There are individual chapters tackling each Action for which Youthpass is available: Youth Exchanges, EVS, Training Courses, and Youth Initiatives.

The following chapters can be downloaded individually:

B1 - How to support learning (204,54 kB, pdf)

B2 - Youthpass in practice: Youthpass in Youth Exchanges (3,29 MB, pdf)

B3 - Youthpass in practice: Youthpass in European Voluntary Service (367,23 kB, pdf)

B4 - Youthpass in practice: Youthpass in Training Courses (360,52 kB, pdf)

B5 - Youthpass in practice: Youthpass in Youth Initiatives (1,01 MB, pdf)

Regarding chapter B4: since August 2012, Youthpass is also available for other projects than only Training Courses within the Training and Networking activities. You may download an additional support text suggesting ways to approach Youthpass in the various Training and Networking activities:

Youthpass in Training and Networking projects (373,55 kB, pdf)

Enjoy reading!