Volunteering projects – coordinating organisations

Is there any special procedure for issuing Youthpass for Volunteering projects managed by coordinating organisations?

It is currently not possible to monitor different volunteers with different hosting organisations and different periods with one contract number. For the time being, we provide you with an interim solution:

  • You can give the responsibility of issuing Youthpass to the host organisations. You can send them the project number as indicated in the contract. Then the host organisation can add the relevant projects in their own Youthpass account. If you would like to monitor the process, ask them to add you as editor.
  • If you - as the coordinating organisation – prefer to issue the Youthpass certificates for the volunteers in the different projects and organisations, please add a new project for each volunteer. It is possible for coordinating organisations to use project numbers several times for this purpose.  By adding new projects, you can use flexible project descriptions, organisation names and different project durations.

It is recommended to add the mentors as “editors”, since they followed the volunteers’ learning process.

Please note that the organisation’s name indicated in the “organisation details” will automatically appear as “host organisation” in the certificate. If you want the actual host organisations’ name and logo to appear – instead of the name and logo of your coordinating organisation – please edit the “organisation details”: you can add another organisation to your account and then choose which organisation that project should be connected to in the project details.

We are a coordinating organisation and we issued Youthpass certificates. In the Youthpass certificates, the name of our organisation is indicated as “host organisation”, although we are only coordinating - and not hosting - projects.  Where and how can we insert the name and logo of the actual host organisation of the volunteer?

You can edit the name/ logo of the organisation in the section “organisation details” (see navigation on the left side of the homepage); it is also possible to add more than one organisation to one account. Please indicate the details of the actual host organisation there and upload the respective logo. You can then choose which organisation should be shown as the host organisation of the project in the project details.

If you want to mention your own (coordinating) organisation in the certificate, you can state that the project was coordinated by you in the section “activities of the host organisation” (project details).