Youthpass for projects supported on the centralised level

Which projects supported by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) can you issue Youthpass for?

Among the Erasmus+ Youth in Action projects supported on the centralised level, Youthpass is available for:

  • Key Action 1: Large-scale European Voluntary Service events
  • Key Action 2: Youth Exchanges, European Voluntary Service and Mobility of Youth Workers carried out within Capacity Building projects in the field of youth.

Which number should you use to work on Youthpass for your centralised Erasmus+ project?

Please use the application number of your project (the number that starts with the 6-digits reference number).

You need to implement Youthpass in your Youth in Action (2007-2013) project granted on the centralised level (by the Executive Agency), but you do not know how to find the project number.

For centralised projects granted as part of the Youth in Action programme, the number for Youthpass needs to be restructured. For constructing your reference number, please use the structure that you will find in the tables where the granted projects are listed. You will find the tables on the Executive Agency website, by entering the page of funding opportunities of the year in which your project was submitted, and then clicking on “Overview of funded projects”.

In these pdf tables, in front of each project, you find the reference numbers with the following logic: project number/Action/Country/year/selection round.

The code you should introduce to the Youthpass website should look like this: EA-Country–Action–project number-year-selection round

The Action numbers are the following:

  • Action 1.1      =       11
  • Action 1.2      =       12
  • Action 2         =       21
  • Action 3.1      =       31
  • Action 4.3      =       43
  • Action 4.6      =       46

For example: for the project reference 123456-2-BE-2007-R1, the code for issuing Youthpass is: EA-BE-21-123456-2007-R1.

We hope this explanation will help you get access to the Youthpass tool. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you face problems: