European Solidarity Corps Volunteering projects

Who should register on the Youthpass website and add the Volunteering project? The host organisation staff or the volunteer?

It is the task of the host organisation to issue a Youthpass certificate to the volunteer, that is to register on the Youthpass website and enter the details of the organisation, the project and the volunteers' details. It is then possible to invite the volunteer to the database to edit their details and describe their learning outcomes. When the volunteer has finished editing the personal details, the organisation has to review and accept the information or suggest changes. After accepting the information inserted by the volunteer, the organisation can proceed to generating the certificate.

When it comes to describing the volunteers’ competences gained in the project, the mentor and the volunteer should reflect on the volunteer’s learning together. You can have a look at the Youthpass leaflet for Volunteering projects (4,77 MB, pdf) for more information on this process and the role of the organisers. Whereas, as guidance for the volunteers, you can make use of the Letter to the participants of the European Solidarity Corps (1,29 MB, pdf).

How can the mentor and the volunteer work on the certificate together if the volunteer is already back home?

If the volunteer is not at the host organisation anymore, the mentor and the volunteer can discuss the learning outcomes using online tools. The volunteer can then also be invited to the Youthpass tool to describe the personal details, including the learning outcomes.

It can be very interesting to involve the sending mentor in this discussion as well, as they can give valuable feedback.

One of our volunteers left the project early. Should we issue a Youthpass certificate for the volunteer?

Due to the fact that Youthpass pays the main attention on learning outcome, it does not matter if the volunteer leaves earlier. We believe that learning happens no matter how long a volunteer stayed in the project.

In the section “Project details” on your Youthpass account, you can adjust the duration of the project according to the period the volunteer spent in the project.