Youthpass Team

On behalf of the European Commission, the SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre has been in charge of the development and implementation of Youthpass since 2005.

For general inquiries or when facing problems with the website, please contact

The Youthpass team

Portrait Kristiina Pernits

Kristiina Pernits


Phone: (+49) 228 9506 236

portrait Eda Bakir

H. Eda Bakır


Phone: (+49) 228 9506 248

portrait Milena Butt-Posnik

Milena Butt-Pośnik


Phone: (+49) 228 9506 238

portrait Estera Mihaila

Estera Mihaila


Phone: (+49) 228 9506 372

In addition, Youthpass is supported by the following networks:

The Youthpass Advisory Group regularly discusses Youthpass as an instrument to recognise youth work as well as non-formal and informal learning, links it to political trends both nationally and internationally and considers its future developments. To find out more about who is part of the Advisory Group, click here.

In every National Agency of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme, there is a Youthpass Contact Person who supports the implementation of Youthpass in their country. They do that - for example - by:

  • providing information about Youthpass,
  • monitoring the implementation in their country,
  • translating the Youthpass website and certificates (where needed),
  • and, based on the national context, supporting the national or regional developments around recognition of non-formal learning and youth work.

The contact details of specific National Agencies can be found here.