1 Million Youthpass Certificates

1 Million Youthpasses

We are about to reach an important milestone regarding the implementation of Youthpass: most probably in early autumn 2019, the 1 millionth Youthpass will be issued. This means that 1 million occasions of learning have been created by countless European projects and we are curious to know about your experiences on working with Youthpass and on what kind of an impact it had on you.

Therefore we have opened a call for a friendly competition among the people who have been using it: the participants and the learning facilitators!

Have you been working with Youthpass? Have you received a Youthpass in a European project? Share your experience with us and you might be one of the two lucky winners of our competition and might receive a beautiful travel backpack that would accompany you in your future adventures.

You can have more information on the conditions and terms of the competition here. All the received testimonials will be published on this page and on the social media channels of SALTO Training & Cooperation Resource Centre.

We are looking forward to your stories!

Youthpass testimonials received so far
Name and Country Quote from Testimonial Link to Full Testimonial
Nikolina Garača - Bosnia and Herzegovina "What I tried to portray in this story is a path I took from gaining my first YouthPass to gaining a few more, learning and growing through non-formal education, being able to secure jobs and scholarships for myself and, finally, discover my inner passion and find my dream job. To everyone second guessing themselves: don’t. Try! There is nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain. Thanks, YouthPass!"
Maria Belén Serrano Valenzuela - Spain "After my participation, I came back to my country and me and my work-team created an innovative system called Portfolio in order to recognize competences and Sustainable Development Goals." Belen Serrano-1myp
System & Generation - Turkey "For me Youthpass is a big chance to become a more aware person."
Efthymios Karousos "As it turns out the world makes much more sense, once you get to see it and experience it yourself"
Maurizio Liscia - Italy "Still today it happens to think the moment that I received my first Youthpass, but, surely, I didn’t know that Youthpass would be the first of many." Murizio Liscia 1myp
Jana Dimitrijević - Serbia "“Let’s talk about shame” has strong meaning and it was also my moto in Matera. Somehow, I find out that there is no fear and no shame, I can do everything I want or need. After all, I have matured." Jana Dimitrijevic 1MYP
Maria Sierra - Spain "I believe the world needs volunteers. But those volunteers, also need recognition. Not because is the aim of the volunteering, but because it can open doors as it helps others to understand what has been learned."
Marta Grillo - Italy "This is my experience."
Daniele Risa - Italy "Thanks to this project and my Youthpass, I was called by a company that was working on social problems in the suburbs of my city." Daniele Risa 1MYP
Egle Vaitekenaite - Lithuania "I believe, that Youthpass is a proof of how many great skills and new competences-things you can learn while participating in the project and interacting with different people from around the world. I am sure, these experiences will help me as an individual, improve my personality and as a professional, show my motivation, to grow as a specialist." Egle Vaitekenaite 1MYP
Isabel Gutiérrez Domínguez - Spain "...precisely when there was not so much time until finishing the project that something made me put a little order what this year had injected me, something that not only helped me to understand, but it would also open many doors later, something that somehow became my new great little identity card..." Isabel_Gutierrez_1MYP
Luka Gudek - Croatia "…it meant a lot because it was a testament of a group of people growing closer together while learning from each other." Luka_Gudek_1MYP
Svetlana Petrovic - Serbia "Enriching personal life with the experience of another country and cooperate with different people is something irreplaceable." Svetlana_Petrovic_1MYP