Handbooks for Youthpass and recognition

Helpful books and booklets for implementing Youthpass and striving towards the recognition of youth work and non-formal learning.

Valued by You, Valued by Others. Insights on how to support learning reflection and tools for documenting learning outcomes with Youthpass

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ONE 2 ONE. Supporting Learning Face-to-Face. Handbook on tips and methods on learning support in youth work in one-to-one settings.

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Youthpass Unfolded

Youthpass Unfolded. Practical tips and hands-on methods for making the most of the Youthpass process.

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Unlocking Doors to Recognition

Unlocking Doors to Recognition. Handbook for setting up strategies for the better recognition of youth work and non-formal education in different contexts.

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Youthpass in the EVS training cycle. Support material - background as well as practical tools and methods - for Youthpass in the training cycle of European Voluntary Service projects.

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Youthpass for absolute beginners

Youthpass for Absolute Beginners. A booklet introducing Youthpass to all those who are only starting to use it. The booklet was published by the Norwegian National Agency for Youth in Action.

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