Youthpass Unfolded

Youthpass unfolded. Practical tips and hands-on methods to make the most of the Youthpass process

The handbook targets all those who are involved in facilitating the learning process of young people in Youth in Action projects: mentors, youth workers/leaders, coaches, trainers. Youthpass has inspired many people to think about and discuss the topic of learning. What and how do young people learn in the Youth in Action programme? How can youth workers facilitate this process? How can learning gain more recognition? How can we document the competences gained? How can others see the results of all this beautiful work?

'Youthpass Unfolded' takes a closer look at all of these questions and attempts to answer some of them. Special attention is given to overcoming obstacles that some young people might face when it comes to learning. This way, the Youthpass process becomes accessible to all.

Download the whole handbook (20 Mb)

or parts of it:

Part I: The Youthpass process

Part II: Youthpass tools and methods

  1. Factory of learning
  2. Youthpass octa-competences
  3. What is Youthpass?
  4. Shaun the Sheep - Off the Baa!
  5. Youthpass islands
  6. Captain's log
  7. Learning interview
  8. The sea of learning
  9. Learning journal
  10. Learning to juggle
  11. My symbol, my learning
  12. What have you learnt today?
  13. Collage your learning
  14. Fotoromanzo
  15. Frankenstein reflection on learning
  16. Extreme challenge interview
  17. Mandala of learners
  18. Appreciative Inquiry into passion for learning
  19. Where do you stand on learning?
  20. Self-perception of your self-directed learning

'Youthpass Unfolded' is a joint publication of the SALTO Training and Cooperation and the SALTO Inclusion Resource Centres, published in cooperation with JUGEND für Europa, the German National Agency for Youth in Action.