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Further support and discussions on Youthpass and recognition of non-formal learning in youth work: handbooks, essays, video, newsletters, and other.

First-hand information about Youthpass

Youthpass Guide. The Youthpass Guide provides background and support material to implement Youthpass in your projects.

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No printed copies of this publication are available at the moment. We are in the process of updating the guide and will make it available on the same address upon its completion.


Youthpass leaflets               

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Postcards. We share with you some examples of the good practices that were collected as part of the Youthpass Impact Study (2013) in the form of 10 postcards that can be used in various contexts.

 YP Unfolded cover

Youthpass Unfolded. Practical tips and hands-on methods for making the most of the Youthpass process.

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Unlocking Doors to Recognition

Unlocking Doors to Recognition. Handbook for setting up strategies for the better recognition of youth work and non-formal education in different contexts.

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Youthpass in the EVS training cycle. Support material - background as well as practical tools and methods - for Youthpass in the training cycle of European Voluntary Service projects.

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No printed copies of this publication are available at the moment.

Youthpass for All

Youthpass for ALL! Companion to the Youthpass Guide aimed specifically at youth workers and/or youth leaders working with fewer-opportunity young people.

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 Recognising Learning in YE

Recognising Learning in Youth Exchanges. A Hands-On Toolkit. It provides a hands-on approach for youth workers to support young people in reflecting on their learning, leading to Youthpass. The booklet was published by Léargas, Irish National Agency.


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Youthpass for absolute beginners

Youthpass for absolute beginners. A booklet introducing Youthpass to all those who are only at the beginning of starting to use it. The booklet was published by the Norwegian National Agency for Youth in Action.


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 YP Video The story of Youthpass,1 & 2. Two cartoons explaining the what and how of Youthpass.
Youthpass impact Study video
Card game
Learning out of the box. This is a card game created for youth workers, mentors, coaches and trainers. It is intended to be used as a tool to help addressing the topic of 'learning' in a fun, engaging and inspiring way in their activities. Here you will find the online version, as the demand for the printed version was soon exceeded
Cover Recognition of NFL

Recognition of non-formal learning in Europe. Challenges and opportunities by Florin Popa discusses the main obstacles to a wider recognition and social impact of non-formal learning. Also, elements to possible solutions are proposed.

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Cover Youthpass and HRD

Youthpass and Human Resource Development. The missing link towards employability, an essay by Juan Ratto-Nielsen compares the Youthpass process and the Human Resource Development training and learning cycle, and discusses them as similar learning and developmental processes.

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No printed copies of this publication in English are available at the moment.
Cover Recognition needs zero stage

Recognition needs zero stage. Convincing ourselves by Ajša Hadžibegovic discusses the internal obstacles to a better recognition of youth work. Some youth workers and youth leaders may feel uncertain about the use of recognition instruments - why? A few possible ways to overcome these reasons have been proposed́.

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Learning to learn

The Youthpass process and Learning to Learn. Some ideas for practitioners. An essay by Mark Taylor to spark further debates around the competence 'learning to learn' and its application in the Youthpass process.

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Youthpass Impact Study. Young people's personal development and employability and the recognition of youthwork. Study carried out in 2012-2013, documenting various aspects of the Youthpass impact.
Youthpass result analysis. Documentation of Youthpass-related developments between 2005 and beginning of 2010.