Creating certificates step by step

Participants of approved projects of Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme and of the European Solidarity Corps have the right to receive recognition for their participation and learning in the projects. The Youthpass certificate is the instrument which has been developed for this purpose.

The certificates are issued by the organisation or a youth worker/leader involved in the project. Depending on the type of the project this role can be taken by a group leader, coach, mentor, trainer, etc. To produce Youthpass certificates, please follow the step by step instructions below, guiding you through the production process.

Step 1: Sign up with Youthpass

Please register on the Youthpass website, entering your personal and organisation details. Please ensure the information is entered correctly, because the information about the organisation will also be displayed on the Youthpass certificate. In case you are about to create certificates on behalf of another organisation, you can add the other organisation to your account at a later stage.

After registering, the password will be sent to you by E-mail. Upon your first visit, please change the password in your personal details.

Step 2: Enter project details

Please provide the details of your approved project. Make sure that the details are filled in correctly and check for typing mistakes, as this information will be displayed on the certificates.

Step 3: Enter participant details

Please provide the details of the participants in your approved project. Make sure that the details are filled in correctly and check for typing mistakes, as this information will be displayed on the certificates.

The following tips may be useful:

You can upload a spreadsheet with all participant data, instead of entering the information one by one.The spreadsheet has to meet the following minimum criteria: 1) The first row of the table contains headings for the columns; 2) Each following row represents one participant; 3) The minimum data to upload from the file is the first and the last name of the participants, in separate columns.

You can invite the participants to insert or edit their own details. For sending an automated invitation to the participants, please make sure you have entered their E-mail addresses in the participant details.

Step 4: Validate the certificates

Please validate the certificates by providing the place and date of signature as well as the full names of the representatives of your organisation signing the certificates. On the first page that could be the legal representative of your organisation, and on the second page the person in charge of the project. The latter may be the same person as the legal representative.

To add more weight to the certificates, you may also consider to ask another official representative who wishes to acknowledge your project to sign the certificates. An example for that could be the leader of the community where your project took place.

Step 5: Generate certificates

The certificates are generated as a pdf file. To open the file, you need the Adobe Reader. You can download it free of charge by clicking here or on the icon on the right. After the certificates have been generated, they are ready to be printed out and signed.

Good to know

The technical tool for producing Youthpass is designed in a way that permits you to prepare the certificates before your activity starts: you can fill in a large part of the requested information that is known already (e.g. project details, participant's details, etc.) and save it. That allows you to better focus on the descriptions of the learning outcomes at the end of the project.

If you would like to work on your project with several people, you have the possibility to add them as editors.

We hope you will enjoy. For Step 1: Sign up now - please click here.