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Youthpass is a tool that gives the word to the learners in describing their learning outcomes.

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Youthpass is the recognition instrument developed for the projects realised in the European youth programmes. Through the Youthpass certificate, participation in such projects can be recognised as an educational experience and a period of non-formal and informal learning. Youthpass foresees a process applied throughout the project life-cycle to support the learning of participants. It also serves as a strategy that improves the recognition of non-formal learning in Europe.

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Why Youthpass?

What I tried to portray in this story is a path I took from gaining my first Youthpass to gaining a few more, learning and growing through non-formal education, being able to secure jobs and scholarships for myself and, finally, discover my inner passion and find my dream job. To everyone second guessing themselves: don’t. Try! There is nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain. Thanks, Youthpass!
…I was sitting in an interview for my undergraduate study. I mentioned working with people and how I have non-formal education experience in this area. I had brought my Youthpass certificates. The certificates proved to be extremely useful because they served as a physical evidence of my participation in the youth exchanges and the knowledge gained. I stood out from more than 600 candidates in the interview and successfully enrolled in the desired study.
With the help of Youthpass and my mentor, I started to believe in myself, see my potential to grow and reached my goal. I believe that was just a small piece of puzzle in the big picture of success, but now I see how Youthpass can help me achieve much more in my future career and personal life.