Why Youthpass?

Using Youthpass can add value to the youth projects where it is used, in several ways:

  • Through the Youthpass process, reflection on learning becomes more structured and the educational value of the project is strengthened. It makes the learning of the participants more conscious. Being more aware of their competences, it gets easier for the participants to make use of them in the future. Thus, Youthpass supports the future pathways of the young people.
  • By putting emphasis on the learning processes and outcomes in youth work, using Youthpass helps to increase the so-called Learning to Learn competence. It raises the participants’ awareness of learning in a diversity of contexts and helps them to reflect on their learning wishes and needs.
  • The description of competences developed by participating in the youth projects also helps to increase the visibility of the value of youth work – of your work!
Youthpass IS Youthpass IS NOT
a process of reflection that helps to define and describe learning outcomes in a youth project, leading to a certificate that documents these learning outcomes something which gives any rights to the holder
a confirmation of participation by the organisers of a specific activity a formal accreditation of competences
a description of the activity where the person participated a replacement for any formal qualifications
an individualised description of the specific activities undertaken and of the learning outcomes available to demonstrate learning outcomes from activities undertaken in the YOUTH programme (which came to an end in 2006)
a certificate for people participating in the activities supported by the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programmes and the European Solidarity Corps  
a tool which puts the Key competences for Lifelong Learning into practice  
firmly based on principles of non-formal education and learning  
a way of improving visibility of learning in youth and solidarity projects