What does 'connect learner' mean and how does it work?

On 4 December 2023, Youthpass launched the 'learner accounts' which means now it is possible for the learners (participants and team members who wish to receive a Youthpass certificate) to have a Youthpass account as well. This will enable the learners to have more ownership over their learning process and download their certificate through their account once it is generated.

What does this mean for certificate generation?

Now as the project admin, after entering the project number, the project information, and the general data of the learners including their email address, you will see the possibility to 'connect learner' to the project next to the name of the learner in the 'Individuals' tab:

Clicking the 'Connect Learner' button will send an email invitation (with a link) to the learner to connect their Youthpass account to your project in the Youthpass database. See the example email text received by the learner here below:

Note: The learner can use an existing Youthpass account or create a new account to connect to the project.

Connecting a learner is not obligatory to generate certificates. However, it is necessary for:

  • sending an 'invitation to edit' (certificate data) to the learner: you will see the button 'Invite to edit' enabled next to the learner's name in the 'Individuals' tab once you send out the 'connect learner' request
  • making the certificates available to learners as downloadable pdf-s once you generate them.