Youthpass Certificates

Structure of the certificate

The Youthpass certificates are specific to the various types of non-formal learning projects, but the general structure of the certificate is the same. The Youthpass certificate is divided into three sections.

The first page confirms the participation in a given project and lists the main facts about the project. It also provides background information about the general context and value of the activity. It has to be signed by a legal representative of the organisation.

The second section informs about the project in more detail. The organisations in charge are mentioned, the aims, activities, and results of the project described. This part of the certificate has to be signed by the person responsible for the project.

In the third section, participants reflect upon their learning and the outcomes. They are encouraged to describe what they have learnt in the course of the project, adhering to the eight key competences for lifelong learning. If applicable, a dialogue partner is also invited to sign the third section. There is neither a limitation to how much the participants are allowed to write, nor do they have to include every single competence.

Click here to see the examples of the certificates.  


Youthpass certificates can be issued in several languages; it is also possible to issue one certificate in several languages. Translation of the certificates for the 2014-2020 programmes is already available in many languages. For the 2021-2027 programmes, the certificates are currently only available in English, German, Hungarian and Polish. Translations are work in progress in cooperation with National Agencies and will be made available when they are ready. If you would like to enquire about a specific language, please contact our Helpdesk.