I received an invitation to connect to Youthpass. What does it mean and what should I do now?

If you received this invitation email, this means you took part in an Erasmus+ Youth or European Solidarity Corps project and your organiser wishes to issue a Youthpass certificate for you. This invitation is for you to connect your Youthpass account to this particular project. If you already have a Youthpass account, you can connect it. If you do not have a Youthpass account, you can create one.

The email you received must be similar to the one shown below:

Screenshot of invitation email to connect to a project

By clicking on the 'personal invitation link' in the lower section of the email, you can connect your existing or new Youthpass account to this project. Once you do that, your organisation will receive a notification and will inform you of the next steps.

Your Youthpass account will look similar to the one below:

Screenshot of learner account dashboard

As a learner, the relevant box for you is 'Your own certificates' box. You do not need the 'Projects you manage' box, as that is for organisations. By clicking on 'Show all certificates' button in 'Your own certificates' box, you can see the status of your certificates.