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Below you can find the latest newsletters.

SALTO Newsletter - January 2023 / 13.01.2023

2nd Online Youthpass Workshop for Trainers

The 2nd online workshop will focus on "tools for engaging reflection moments in individual and group settings" and will take place on 23 January 2023 at 14:30-17:30 CET on Zoom. The workshops are open for trainers in the youth field, no matter your experience level. From beginner to very experienced trainers, all can find something for themselves in the workshops. So, do join!

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SALTO Newsletter - December 2022 / 06.12.2022

Youthpass certificates enabled for screen reader compatibility

2022 was an exciting year for Youthpass, bringing many changes, including one we are particularly excited to share! In the process of improving the accessibility of the Youthpass certificates, we have an important update: the final PDF version of the certificates is enabled for screen reader compatibility. It remains an ongoing work area for us, and we would be grateful to have insights on the user experience. Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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SALTO Newsflash / 30.11.2022

Youthpass workshop series for trainers

2022 was en exciting year for Youthpass, bringing a lot of changes and there's no better way to end it than with an interactive workshop series for trainers all around Europe.

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SALTO Newsletter - November 2022 / 10.11.2022

Join the Facilitated Edition of Youthpass Heart Corps!

You can still join Youthpass Heart Corps and learn how to better support the participants of the European Solidarity Corps. During the nine weeks of the facilitated edition, a new module is released every Monday and five meet-ups are organised for you to meet your fellow learners and get the space to share experiences, ask questions and solidify your knowledge.

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SALTO Newsletter - October 2022 / 07.10.2022

The Facilitated Edition of Youthpass Heart Corps Starts Soon!

This is the new edition of the online course that helps you support the participants of the European Solidarity Corps. During the nine weeks of the facilitated edition, a new module is released every Monday and five meet-ups are organised for the participants to meet and get the space to share experiences, ask questions and solidify their knowledge.

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SALTO Newsletter - September 2022 / 02.09.2022

Youth Workers, It’s Prime Time for Tuning In

If you are involved in the learning processes of young people within youth work activities, this course will show you how to better support young people in documenting their learning through exploration and exchange about the potential for learning within youth work activities, powered by lots of sharing of various tools and experiences from our work.

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SALTO Newsletter - August 2022 / 01.08.2022

Training Course - Tuning In: Learning in Youth Work

This training course is for professional and/or voluntary youth workers regularly working with young people. The aim is to increase youth workers’ competences in facilitating young people's learning during youth work activities. The course takes place in Oslo, Norway, from 1-5 November 2022, and is organised by Erasmus+ Ungdom, Bufdir (NA Norway) in cooperation with SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre, and JUGEND für Europa (NA Germany).

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SALTO Newsletter - July 2022 / 04.07.2022

One 2 One Training Course: Supporting Learning Activities

One 2 One, learning barriers are gone! The 7th edition of this training will take place between 3-9 October 2022 in Bonn, Germany. It aims to equip youth workers with the competences needed to work in a one-2-one relationship with young people to support their learning and development processes.

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SALTO Newsletter - May 2022 / 05.05.2022

The Beta Testing Phase for the New Youthpass Certificates is Extended

We have extended the beta testing phase for the new Youthpass certificates until May 23 to gather more feedback and adjust them to fit the users' needs. We warmly invite you to try out the new certificates for your ongoing projects or on the demo website and share your valuable feedback with us.

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SALTO Newsletter - April 2022 / 04.04.2022

New Youthpass Certificates Out for Testing

The new Youthpass certificates are available as a beta test solution! During the testing phase, the users can try the new certificates and give some precious feedback, or keep using the existing ones. After 2 May, all projects entered in the database will use the new certificates.

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SALTO Newsletter - March 2022 / 04.03.2022

Learning Playground in Volunteering

We invite hosts, organisers and mentors in European Solidarity Corps volunteering projects to join us in discovering spatial aspects of learning environments, playing with (co)creating empowering learning spaces and exploring their potential in fostering learning. The training course will take place in Budapest, Hungary on 30 May – 4 June 2022.

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SALTO Newsletter - July 2021 / 07.07.2021

One2One - Facilitating learning face-to-face

We are happy to invite you to the 6th edition of One2One where we explore the power of the individual relationship in supporting the learning processes of young people. The main aim of this course is to empower and equip youth workers with competences needed to work in a one-2-one relationship with young people in order to support their learning and development processes. This edition is organised by Tempus Public Foundation (Hungarian National Agency of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps) and SALTO Training and Cooperation. The event will take place in Hungary on 17–23 October.

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SALTO Newsletter - June 2021 / 03.06.2021

Recognition and Youthpass in the Spotlight with SALTO Training and Cooperation

Join us online on June 10 at 14:00-15:30 CEST and we will tell you the "secret of Youth(pass)"! While we are there, we will also talk about learning in youth work and volunteering activities and will introduce the very soon-to-be-launched Youthpass strategy! You will see what is in it for you and how it can support your work. And you will receive the hints to how Youthpass is preparing for the new Programmes. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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SALTO Newsletter - May 2021 / 04.05.2021

Youthpass Overview 2020

We are happy to share the Youthpass Overview 2020 with you! The infographic is part of the Youthpass monitoring concept and is designed to provide short information on the main Youthpass highlights, events and figures from 2020. We hope that you have nice memories of the past year despite the negative circumstances, and maybe some of the Youthpass developments are among those nice memories, too!

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SALTO Newsletter - April 2021 / 05.04.2021

Exciting times for Youthpass!

Youthpass is getting ready for the new generation of the programmes. As the first step, Youthpass certificates for the youth field activities within Erasmus+ and for the European Solidarity Corps will be developed. Further planned developments include an automatic notifications system that will accompany Youthpass users throughout their project and a digital reflection tool for the participants.

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SALTO Newsletter - February 2021 / 10.02.2021

Let´s talk about Youthpass!

We have good news! We have created a series of animated videos to introduce Youthpass and learning-related concepts in youth work and solidarity activities. The videos were developed within the Youthpass Heart Corps online course and cover different topics, including ‘what is Youthpass‘, ‘how to support reflection on learning‘, ‘the learning-to-learn competence‘, ‘the role of facilitator of learning‘, ‘peer support and learning in solidarity projects‘ and more. Take a look at the playlist and let's start talking!

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SALTO Newsflash - November 2020 / 20.11.2020

Youthpass <3 Corps Online Course Starting on December 1

The European Solidarity Corps is an incredible opportunity for young people to demonstrate solidarity and contribute to their communities. It is also an empowering experience that helps them develop new competences. Youthpass can help them become more aware of their learning and document the learning outcomes. In order to make the most of this opportunity, young people might benefit from some support from their mentors, coaches, project organisers. And as a mentor, coach, project organiser, you might need some guidance on how to make use of Youthpass, too! Youthpass <3 Corps is a free online course to help you understand and implement Youthpass in your European Solidarity Corps project.

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SALTO Newsletter - October 2020 / 02.10.2020

Learning Out of the Box Card Game Has a New Look!

Are you a youth worker, facilitator, trainer looking for inspiring quotes on learning to use while tackling learning? Here comes the Learning Out of the Box card game, with a new look! The card game is composed of 32 cards with quotes on learning, a booklet with different methods, blank cards to write your own quotes and a box. All materials have been re-designed and are available in printable format on

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SALTO Newsletter - August 2020 / 06.08.2020

New Youthpass leaflets published

If you are working on an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, Youth Dialogue or Mobility of Youth Workers project, have a look at the latest leaflets we have published. These short leaflets are designed to help project organisers understand how to support learning reflection and document the learning outcomes of the participants with Youthpass throughout their projects. Happy reading, happy learning!

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SALTO Newsletter - May 2020 / 07.05.2020

Youthpass in the European Solidarity Corps Available Also in Czech, French, Maltese and Portuguese!

Multilingualism is a core aspect of Youthpass; it means that it is possible to choose the language of the certificates and it is also possible to issue one certificate in more than one language. The Youthpass certificates of the European Solidarity Corps can now be issued in the Czech, French, Maltese and Portuguese languages.

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SALTO Newsletter - March 2020 / 09.03.2020

Give Your Feedback on the SALTO Website!

The time has come! We are stepping into a new era in the development of the SALTO-YOUTH digital services and website experience and to do so, we need your help. As part of the process, we have created a short online survey, which will help us to get an overview of your real user experience.

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SALTO Newsletter - February 2020 / 03.02.2020

A Learning Journey With the Youthpass Origami Planes

Do you want to share your love for Youthpass but don’t know how to introduce it to your colleagues, participants or parents? Youthpass origami planes can help you to discuss why Youthpass is “More Than a Paper”. Simply print the instructions and the design paper and start folding! The exercise with the planes reflects the Youthpass process itself: hands-on experience and reflection on the nature and potential of Youthpass. You can use the simpler or the more advanced plane based on how much you love origami.

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SALTO Newsletter - January 2020 / 13.01.2020

Participants Confirm: Erasmus+ Youth in Action Is So Much About Learning!

The RAY Network has just published the survey results for Erasmus+ Youth in Action 2017-2018 which states that 71% of respondents received Youthpass and 68% of those were involved in reflection on learning and self-assessment as part of their project. 67% of Youthpass receivers who used Youthpass in job, internship or study applications think that it was helpful in getting the placement.

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SALTO Newsletter - December 2019 / 05.12.2019

Youthpass in German for European Solidarity Corps

Happy news for German-speaking Youthpass fans: Youthpass certificates in the European Solidarity Corps can now also be issued in German! More languages will follow soon, thanks to the work of our colleagues in the National Agencies who support the translation and proofreading of the certificates.

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Youthpass Newsletter - October 2019 / 31.10.2019

#1MYouthpass Testimonials – The stories behind the numbers

In September 2019, the 1 millionth Youthpass was issued, highlighting the countless occasions of learning in European projects. To know more about Youthpass´ impact and the stories behind the numbers, the Youthpass Team opened a call for a friendly competition. To know more about the testimonials, please follow the link:

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Youthpass Newsletter - September 2019 / 19.09.2019

1 million Youthpass certificates, a million occasions of learning

The counter on the Youthpass website called for a big celebration on September 16, 2019 as one millionth Youthpass certificate was issued through the Youthpass database. That is the total number of certificates that have been issued to the young people and the youth workers who have participated in the European youth programmes since 2007, to confirm their participation in and to recognise their learning in the projects.

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Youthpass Newsletter - August 2019 / 27.08.2019

What is Your Youthpass Story? – Revised Key Competences

Youthpass is about to reach an important milestone: in a few weeks, the 1 millionth Youthpass will be issued. This means that a million occasions of learning have been created in countless European projects. We are curious to know the impact Youthpass had on you and on your projects!

Join our competition and share the role of Youthpass on your learning. Send us your Youthpass story in the format of a short video or a short text. The deadline for sending your story is Monday, September 30, 2019, at 17:00 CET.

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Youthpass Newsletter - August 2019 / 06.08.2019

New Key Competences for Erasmus+ Youthpass Certificates

Erasmus+: Youth in Action projects entered into Youthpass database on and after August 20, 2019 will use the revised key competence definitions.

For more information on the new key competences in the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Youthpass certificates, please follow the link:

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Youthpass Newsletter - June 2019 / 05.06.2019

Youthpass available for the European Solidarity Corps participants!!!

Taking part in a European Solidarity Corps project is a significant learning achievement for any young person. Now all participants of the Corps – across all project types – can receive a Youthpass certificate!

To know more about the Youhtpass process in European Solidarity Corps, please follow the link:

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Youthpass Newsletter - November 2018 / 11.2018

Youthpass goes Solidarity Corps!

The European Solidarity Corps has started. Within the projects supported by the Solidarity Corps, the participants can use Youthpass to document their learning process and outcomes from the project. Youthpass in the European Solidarity Corps, expected to be launched in the first months of 2019, will look different from the Youthpass in Erasmus+, but the main aim of the tool will remain the same: to enable the participants to become better aware of and capable to present and use their learning outcomes.

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Youthpass Newsletter - July 2018 / 07.2018

Good news to you, too!

  1. Our new practical publication ONE 2 ONE will help you develop your individual work with young people.
  2. Read below about the recent policy developments in the youth field and the place of recognition within.
  3. We are happy to bring you an infographic about Youthpass that showcases the impact that Youthpass has made.
  4. Within a Strategic Partnership project, captivating videos have been created that explain the Key Competences.
  5. If you are a trainer and would like to develop your skills to support reflection - make sure to save the dates of the training described below!

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Youthpass Newsletter - February 2018 / 15.02.2018

Have you ever thought what might be needed to do digital youth work, or what kind of digital youth work is being done out there? The new publication by the European Commission offers some interesting reading on this.

Also, we invite you to take a look at the two calls below, for training courses that may be of interest to you!

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Youthpass Newsletter - January 2018 / 25.01.2018

2018 has taken off busy! We are happy to share with you the RAY research results, and to invite you to the first European Training Strategy (ETS) Conference. Also, you may be interested in the proposal for Key Competences that share an insight into the directions in which the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning are developing.

We invite you to have a look into the open call for participants for the training course Mindset of Youth Workers. The open consultation by the European Commission offers a possibility to have your say about the new EU programme(s) from 2021.

We wish you a successful 2018 full of exciting developments and recognition!

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