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Youthpass Newsletter - March 2016 / 18.3.2016

Non-formal education has a sustainable impact on individuals and their community. In this newsletter, we provide some information and evidence of this impact. Self-confidence, empowerment, employability and inclusion are only some of the outcomes that experts have determined as highly beneficial for those who participate in youth work activities as well as for society as a whole. We introduce the following recent literature and research about the long-term effects of quality youth work and non-formal learning

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Youthpass Newsletter - February 2016 / 2.2.2016

In our first newsletter of 2016, we look back on the most recent Youthpass milestones and provide you with some information about the projects that will foster non-formal learning and its recognition in the months to come.

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Youthpass and Recognition Newsletter - November 2015 / 19.11.2015

We would like to draw your attention to a couple of recent research projects that have explored these challenges of recognising non-formal learning in more detail.

In addition to that, in the Youthpass Bulletin Board you will find the main news regarding the current implementation of Youthpass.

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Youthpass Newsletter - July 2015 / 17.07.2015

  1. Latest Council Conclusion 
  2. 2nd European Youth Work Convention.
  3. Youthpass is being tested beyond the Erasmus+ programme, on the national level in Estonia and Latvia.

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Seminars related to Youthpass + Training of Trainers on Intercultural Competence / 27.02.2015

Open calls for new training activities

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Youthpass certificates for Erasmus+ out now! / 18.9.2014

Youthpass certificates for projects granted within Erasmus+: Youth in Action are now available for use!

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Mind the Gap! / 21.8.2014

Call: “Mind the gap!” – Connecting youth work and the employment-related sector by valuing and developing mutual understanding of skills and competences

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Youthpass and recognition news in June 2014/ 12.6.2014

  • Youthpass and lifelong learning in videos
  • Learning out of the box - playing cards about learning
  • Youthpass in Action: report of the event
  • First information about Youthpass in Erasmus+


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Season greetings and a very happy New Year! /06.12.2013/

  • Into how many languages have the Youthpass certificates been translated?
  • Publication „Cross-border mobility as learning environment and its dimensions of recognition” (03/04 Dec 2012) has been made available recently; and
  • Welcome to Erasmus +!

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EaP Youth Forum 2013, Youthpass certificates A 1.3 and 5.1, and more /06.12.2013/

  • EaP Youth Forum 2013;
  • A 1.3 and 5.1 Certificates are available;
  • Reading suggestions;
  • Call for Papers.

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 YP NL Aug 2013

Youthpass Impact Study, Eastern Partnership Youth Forum, technical developments /20.08.2013/

The most important recent news on Youthpass and recognition:

  • The Youthpass Impact Study is ready;
  • Apply till Sept 5 to the Eastern Partnership Youth Forum on recognition;
  • Technical developments on the Youthpass website.

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 Newsletter March2013

Youthpass news: upcoming activities, recent translations, useful publications /26.03.2013/

You can take part in the following activities prepared by SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre:

  • Seminar Youthpass in Action. Impact, practice and future
  • Training course Yes Learning - self-directed learning and the Youthpass process in Youth in Action projects

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Overview of developments, Youthpass goes Facebook, coordinator of a publication /20.12.2012/

To round up the year, we have updated the online documents describing current developments.

You may also be interested in the new Facebook page Recognition and Youthpass, and a call for coordinator: publication on youth work and entrepreneurial learning

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Newsletter: studies and translations /14.11.2012/

This newsletter issue is about European level studies concerning recognition - where also Youthpass has been addressed - and translations.

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 Newsletter Aug2012

New Youthpass for Training and Networking activities. Conference on recognition of learning mobility. /27.08.2012/

  • The new Youthpass for Training and Networking activities within Youth in Action has been launched!
  • International conference "Cross-border mobility as learning environment and its dimensions of recognition".

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 Newsletter July2012

Youthpass news and beyond, July 2012 /11.07.2012/

  • Youthpass video, parts 1 and 2
  • Printed copies of Youthpass Unfolded available
  • The new Coyote"Recognition App"
  • Apply for the symposium on recognition in South East Europe!
  • Youthpass Advisory Group meeting took place

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 Newsletter May2012

Youthpass news and beyond /29.05.2012/

  • Youthpass Unfolded explains the Youthpass process, and provides a fine selection of methods to carry it out;
  • Apply for the training course "Competences for All"!
  • A consultation seminar on perspectives of using Youthpass outside Youth in Action took place;
  • a number of technical developments have been introduced to the tool of creating Youthpass certificates.

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 Newsletter March2012

New publications, actions for recognition, seminar "Youthpass beyond YiA", Youthpass up to date /20.03.2012/

A lot is in the air. A number of actions have been suggested for a better recognition of youth work, there are new helpful publications, Youthpass explores ways of going beyond the Youth in Action, and its numbers are growing.

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 Newsletter first

Youthpass and recognition: the very 1st newsletter /23.12.2011/

This is the first issue of the newsletter with Youthpass and recognition news. The newsletter has been created to provide an overview of the latest Youthpass developments, and an update with the current news and processes in the field of recognition of youth work and non-formal learning.

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