Learning out of the Box

This card game was created for youth workers, mentors, coaches and trainers. It is intended to be used as a tool addressing the topic of 'learning' in a fun, engaging and inspiring way.

The Booklet (4,263KB) (4,16 MB, pdf)

It contains the methodology suggested to use the cards and help you get the most out of it.

Set of cards No. 1 (2,466KB) (2,41 MB, pdf)

First set containing cards from 1-16

Set of cards No. 2 (2,470KB) (2,41 MB, pdf)

Second set containing cards from 17-32

The blank cards (2,195KB) (2,14 MB, pdf)

The blank cards are an important component of the game to add your own quotes.

The Box (2,343KB) (2,29 MB, pdf) [Optional]

You might want to use it to store the game.


If you would like to print the Learning out of the Box card game, please do the following:

1. Click on each link above to download the 5 files.

2. Save the files.

3. Get ready to print. Make sure your printer enables colour and double-side printing, and also that you have enough cardboard pages available. If your printer can only print on one side, we suggest to print the odd-pages first and once printed, place the pages again on the printer facing the other way, so that the even-pages are printed next on the blank side. Make sure the direction of the pages is the same as for the pages already printed. We would like to suggest that you make a few test before you print on the cardboard pages.

4. Print the cardboard pages in colour on both sides.

5. Cut the cards and the box along the dotted lines. Form and paste the box together. Put the booklet together and staple it in the middle.

6. You are ready to play! Now, you can read the booklet. It contains the instructions to play the game.

Have fun while learning!