New Youthpass certificates launched

Since 23.05.2022, the new technical solution for the revised Youthpass certificates is available for projects that have been granted in Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps 2021-2027 programmes.

These are the new elements in the new Youthpass certificates:

  • New design;
  • Three parts of a certificate that can be issued partly independently from each other: the first page with the main facts, the optional section for the learning outcomes, followed by the option to describe further project details. The latter is especially relevant for longer projects that include several activities;
  • The possibility to describe several activities within one project;
  • The possibility to include references to further information and evidence for the learning outcomes;
  • The possibility to issue Youthpass certificates for team members, where relevant;
  • QR code to validate the authenticity of the certificate;
  • For the learning activities that target youth workers as learners, the respective Youthpass certificates offer the ETS competence model for youth workers as framework for describing the competence development. The same applies for the certificates for the team members.

For projects that have been entered into the Youthpass database beforehand, nothing changes, they will continue using the former formats of the certificates that continue to be valid. In case the organisations would like to make use of the new certificates, it will be necessary to enter the project into the database anew.

For further information, please contact the Youthpass Team on