Youthpass in the new youth programmes, 2021-2027

SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre is, together with the European Commission and other partners, currently developing the Youthpass certificates for the new generation of the youth programmes: for Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps, 2021-2027.

For this occasion, the Youthpass certificates and the respective database are going through a makeover. The certificates will have a new look and structure. For example, they will allow to describe the individual participation in many activities within one project, if this has been the case. Also, there will be a possibility to issue a Youthpass certificate for the team members of the project, in projects where this is appropriate and desirable. The logic of the Youthpass database will be adjusted according to the foreseen new structure of the certificates, while accommodating the need for more accessibility in its set-up and design.

The new certificates are not available yet; we will publish the news through the Youthpass website, in the Social Media and the SALTO newsletter when the certificates are ready to use. Until then, it is possible to continue making use of the existing certificates. In case you would like to issue Youthpass certificates in a project that has been supported within the new programme, in the year 2021 - please contact us through the Youthpass Helpdesk on