I lost my Youthpass, can I have a copy?

If you cannot find back your Youthpass certificate, please contact your organisation and inform them that you would like to receive a new copy of the certificate. Your organisation has access to the data and the Youthpass certificates created in the framework of your project and only the organisers of your project (or the appointed by them project editors) can issue or re-issue your Youthpass certificate. However you need to take into account that afters some years this organisation might not exist anymore.

If you receive no answer from your organisation within 14 days, please contact our Helpdesk: youthpass@salto-youth.net. We will try to contact the organisation again on your behalf.  We can't issue the Youthpass certificate for you and there is no any central register of Youthpass certificates. Only the projects organisers or appointed by them project editors can issue Youthpass certificates for the participants of their projects.