Youthpass in the European Solidarity Corps

The projects supported by the European Solidarity Corps will be able to use Youthpass to highlight and reflect on the learning process and to document the learning outcomes of the participants. Youthpass in the European Solidarity Corps, expected to be launched at the end of May 2019, will look different from the Youthpass in Erasmus+, but the main aim of the tool will remain the same: to enable the participants to become better aware of and capable to present and use their learning outcomes. Youthpass will be made available for all activity types within the Corps.

If you are planning or preparing a project within the European Solidarity Corps, it makes sense to plan the support to the learning process as part of it. These links may provide you with some helpful guidance about what to consider.

  • Please have a look at the Handbooks section on the Youthpass website. We would like to point out two publications in particular: One 2 One reflects on supporting learning in individual work with young people; whereas Youthpass Unfolded explains the Youthpass process and suggests methods to implement it in various contexts.
  • The Letter to Volunteers - although not specifically adapted to the changing context yet - may help you to explain Youthpass to the participants of the European Solidarity Corps.
  • The Youthpass certificate for the Solidarity Corps will include the new Key Competences framework. Have a look at the revised competences here.