I haven't received my Youthpass, what should I do?

If you have been a participant in an Erasmus+: Youth in Action/European Solidarity Corps project and have requested to receive a Youthpass certificate, but have not received it, you need to ask for it again.

The organisation that has been awarded the grant for carrying out the project also needs to inform participants about the possibility to reflect on their learning and receive a Youthpass certificate, and ensure that participants get the certificates if they wish so.

In case you did not receive your Youthpass certificate, please first contact your organisation and inform them about it; there may be several reasons why the certificate hasn't reached you yet. If you don't receive any answer within 14 days, please contact our Helpdesk: youthpass@salto-youth.net. We will try as well to contact the organisers on your behalf. There is no any central register of Youthpass certificates and we can't issue the Youthpass certificate for you. Only the projects organisers (or appointed by them project editors) can issue Youthpass certificates for the participants.