The Key Competences framework has been revised - what should i use on Youthpass?

The framework of the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning has been revised in May 2018. However, for the time being and until further notice, the same Key Competences are used in Youthpass that have been in place so far:

  1. Communication in the mother tongue
  2. Communication in foreign languages
  3. Mathematical competence, basic competences science and technology
  4. Digital competence
  5. Learning to learn
  6. Social and civic competences
  7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  8. Cultural awareness and expression

The process of updating the competences framework also for Youthpass is in preparation, it will most likely be implemented at the beginning of 2019. It will only concern the projects that will be entered in the Youthpass database after the date of that implementation. We will make sure to inform about the planned change widely and well in advance; please follow our news either through Social Media or the Youthpass newsletter.